Terminal 2 Digicraft

My old homepage was five years old, so it was time to update it with the latest advancements in web technology.

Graphic Design

The theme of this website was inspired by a transport hub, because hubs help connect people much like the Internet does. An efficient transport hub should maximize delivery of people and cargo by leveraging multiple modes of transport, and a modern website should maximize the delivery of information by being optimized for multiple devices and screen sizes.

Signages are small but pivotal details in modern transport hubs, and tend to be beautifully minimalist, legible, and intuitive. These are characteristics that inspired me in the development of this site.

A humanist sans-serif typeface, optimized for legibility at small sizes on computer displays, was chosen for the body text (DejaVu Sans), and DIN-style fonts for the headers and logo (OSP DIN, Preu├čische IV 44 Ausgabe). Along with a structured layout, these elements exude the feeling of being in a refined transport hub.


Extending the analogy of a transport hub to web design, a website should be optimized for a wide range of devices in order to maximize userbase. With developments in CSS3 and the adoption of these new standards by most major browsers, it is now possible to scale pages fluidly and to customize their content based on the size of the viewport, without having to rely on JavaScript hacks. Along with the use of CSS preprocessors, code remains maintainable and extensible, despite the increased complexity over fixed designs.

Meta tags, image captions, text-based navigation, and a Google sitemap have been used to optimize the code for SEO.


To utilize the newest features of CSS3, HTML5, and jQuery to create a responsive, fluid layout with rich interactive elements.
Graphic Design (Identity, Layout, Graphics), Programming (HTML5, CSS3, jQuery), Content Writing, SEO
Try resizing pages on this website in order to see the responsive web techniques in action! Pages will also scale to fit alternative web-capable devices, such as tablets and smartphones.