Fengling-Elroy Down Clothing

Informational website geared towards fashion companies that are evaluating down clothing OEMs.

Graphic Design

Given the diversity of the products in terms of their styles and colors, a neutral color scheme with neutral fonts is required. A subtle cloth texture for the background, combined with ample negative space, themes the website by giving the viewer an impression of high-quality clothing.


Standards-compliant and extensible HTML, CSS, and jQuery was used throughout.


I am responsible for the hosting and support of both the site and the email system.


I was given the text for the Chinese version of the site, and was asked to translate it and to produce an English version. A native speaker of Chinese was consulted during this process. I wrote the banner text for both the English and Chinese versions of the site.


To present the required information in a style that pays tribute to, but doesn't overpower, the products and services of the company.
Graphic Design, Frontend Programming (HTML, CSS, jQuery), Content Translation, Content Writing, Hosting/Support