EdgeCast Open Source

EdgeCast needed a responsive site for its open source projects, and I was given the opportunity to build one based a new visual branding concept I developed.

Graphic Design

The design of this site was inspired by the notion that programmers are often referred to as "builders" and "architects". I went with a gray and yellow stripe theme in order to convey a sense of being in a construction site, and to underscore this analogy. The custom logo spells out "O" and "S" for "open source", and is built using simple geometric shapes, much like how complex programs are built from simpler components such as functions and variables.


This site is responsive from mobile to desktop, and is dynamic and populated using AJAX via GitHub's API. Assets are device-dependent, with high resolution assets created for Retina-type displays.


To create a branded and responsive site for EdgeCast's open source software repository, that dynamically populates using GitHub's API.
Graphic Design (Identity, Layout, Graphics), Programming (HTML5, CSS3, jQuery)