Design Element Bath Furniture

Refreshing an online prescence for a manufacturer of value-oriented bathroom cabinets.

Graphic Design

The look of the website was inspired by the products themselves. Information is organized into various "compartments," akin to drawers and cabinets on a vanity unit. The theme and font choices were made to create a modern feel, as Design Element's product line consists primarily of transitional and modern styles. And a color scheme that contrasts with the product images works to increase the visual impact and focus.


Standards-compliant and extensible HTML, CSS, and jQuery was used to program the frontend, and is compatible across all major browsers. The product-related pages are served via a custom-made CMS, written in PHP and MySQL. Large quantities of images also necessitated batch image processing scripts (imagemagick) to aid in the creation and the manual adjustments of the thumbnails, banner images, and other graphical assets.


I also contributed to some of the new content on the site, including marketing copy, blog posts, and social media entries. Below are a couple of samples of my writing:

We don't skimp on quality to provide you with a cheaper product. And we don't charge a premium for pretention and embellished promises of a better lifestyle. Here at Design Element, we seek to build products that provide users with the best possible experience and value, and that means employing top industrial designers, using only the best materials, incorporating high-end features, and ensuring tight production tolerances at our factories. By maintaining a streamlined production and sales process, our bathroom vanities are also among the best values in the market.

Behind our superlative products, a team of dedicated, US-based support staff is ready to help you with any issues you might have.

Competitors in the industry abound, but none can match the quality, support, and overall value of Design Element - and that's what makes us the first choice for so many homes around the world.

The Imperial vanity set has a quaint, homesteading look with its beveled cabinet edges, Victorian-inspired 4-lite window frames, rounded satin-nickel finish hardware, and marble countertop. Yet, it also fits in a more contemporary bathroom thanks to its straight lines, smooth crown, and subtle plinths. We call this look "transitional" - which is not so much an identity crisis as it is a coherent combination of the best of both worlds. The result is an execution in elegance and class, one that's compatible with a wide range of bathroom styles and home decor.

Quality materials and thoughtful utility underlie the good looks of the vanity. Solid oak wood is the basis for both the frame and the panels of the vanity, with a water-resistant coating on the panels for durability. The countertop is made of white carrara marble, and frames the two round under-mount sinks equipped with polished chrome pop-up drains. Four functional drawers and two soft-closing double-door cabinets hold all your bathroom essentials, and matching framed mirrors rounds out this vanity set package.


To create a design that complements the style of the products by drawing inspiration from their forms and function.
Graphic Design, Frontend Programming (HTML, CSS, jQuery), Custom CMS (PHP, MySQL), Content Writing, SEO (Code Optimization, Blog Posts, Social Network Posts)