Coaches Fraternity

Online social network for coaches of all levels. Users can customize their profiles, write and read blog posts, participate in the forums, create and sign up for events, buy and sell items, and add or apply to job opportunities.

Graphic Design

The goal of the visual design was to be easy-to-use by a diverse audience, including those who might not be particularly technology-oriented. Thus, visibility of the important UI elements was paramount to the experience. Not only are the key items highlighted from the background, they are dynamic and move as the user scrolls the page.


Standards-compliant and extensible HTML, CSS, and jQuery was used throughout.


Code integration with an offshore backend developer (PHP/MySQL) was done via Basecamp and SVN.


To create an easy-to-use and legible interface, one that's friendly and encourages participation.
Graphic Design, Frontend Programming (HTML, CSS, jQuery), Content Translation, Content Writing, Hosting/Support